Friday, May 6, 2011

Gaga Everywhere!

Talk about a phenomenon, this lady is everywhere! 

Love her or hate her you have to give it up to Lady Gaga. You have to either be living under a rock or just well plain out of it if you have not seen the impact this lady is having on the music business right now. Its actually quite amazing to see one 25 year old completely take over the scene and turn it on its head. 

It seems like this week particularly she is everywhere. For example my day yesterday.... I'm at work when I see the new video for her video "Judas" (not my favorite but still very catchy). 

Then I get home from work and start going through my nightly routine, which includes obviously, watching Oprah from earlier that day. And wait, who is on it? Oh yeah Gaga again debuting her new song "You and I" and well I LOVED this performance. Every single thing about it. Its Gaga at her best, and well you see here how talented she really is. 

And then finally before I went to bed I checked my twitter feed to find out that she is the mentor for next weeks American Idol. Now I know that I said I will not watch the show anymore since my boy Casey was voted off... but .... um... I may have to tune in just for Gaga. I mean how can you not?

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