Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amy Can Write

You know how some people have a way with words and it just amazes you. I used to write all the time. Short stories. Poems. Letters. But lately life has gotten in the way and I have not had the time to do it. This is why I love my friend Amy so much. She always makes time for her writing. And well, the world should be thankful because what she can do with words is unbelievable. Amy is one of the greatest souls to grace our planet. I am lucky to be able to call her my friend and I am lucky to have her words in my life. 

Here is what she posted on her blog yesterday about her son Buddy, it was so good that I felt the need to repost it here. On a music blog. 

"When Buddy was born I held him in my arms 
and prayed to God to let him live forever.  
 But if he could not, then let him live long enough to laugh 
a real laugh and eat solid food.   

When he laughed and laughed that baby belly laugh 
and ate sweet potatoes and peas,
 I prayed that he would live forever.   
But if he could not live forever, please God,
 let him live to survive skinned knees
 from long days playing, 
and let me send him off to kindergarten 
with tears and frantic waving.   

And when I put band-aids on his knees 
and took his First Day of School Picture
 I asked God to let him live forever.   
But if he can’t live forever, then let him live
 until he has his first girlfriend, 
until he learns to drive, and reads a book 
that will change everything for him.   

And long after he had his first broken heart,
 and drove that big blue Ford pick-up, 
and called me to say,
 “Mother, I’ve been up all night reading  
We Were Soldiers Once, And Young 
and I can’t stop crying,”  
 I prayed that he would live forever.   
But if he could not live forever, 
let him really fall in love,
 share meals around a big table, 
get a dog, and have a place to call his own. 

 And now when I go over to the house 
that he and Courtney share, 
and Olive jumps on me looking for treats,
 I pray that he lives forever.  

 Because there is always something left to do.

And I would never be prepared for a world without Buddy.
 And those we love are never here long enough.   
We are never here long enough.   
The best we can do is pray that we may live forever, 
and know that we won’t.   
And act accordingly."

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