Monday, December 10, 2012

No Time!

Ahhhhhh!! That is the sound of my brain racing this morning with all the things I have on my plate. Literally work is so crazy that I have sat down in this seat for all of about 15 minutes since my 8am arrival time. Its that time of year again when work controls my life and I have literally no say over it. From the looks of it I will work straight through Saturday this week. Guess I should be happy I have a job right? But really it isn't all that bad except for me completely neglecting my loved ones then being too tired on my days off to be a normal human being. I promise once January 1st comes I return to my normal work schedule and normal life and emotions. Until then, please hold on... the next two weeks will be long.

And yes this is also why this blog has been neglected. I promise I have seen some music and have a lot to report on. I will do it later this afternoon when I get some food and can breathe again.

For now I leave you with the song that is playing on repeat in my head.

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