Monday, December 17, 2012

NJ Exploded Last Week

I'm not sure if anyone was as crazy as I was and stayed up to watch 98% of the 12.12.12 concert last week. But those of you who did were treated to what can only be called a "NJ Overload". I couldn't believe my eyes when Bruce Springsteen called another NJ native Jon Bon Jovi on stage to sing his classic "Born To Run". Not only did Bruce open the show in the only way that Bruce knows how... by tearing the roof off. But these two managed to do a pretty great duet while everyone from NJ was beaming with Jersey pride. 

Other notable performances was Eric Clapton performing "Nobody Knows You".

When Eddie Vedder hits the bridge of Pink Floyds classic "Comfortably Numb" I about fell off my chair.

Adam Sandler singing "Sandy Screw Ya" to the tune of "Hallelujah" was the best bit of the night.

And finally Chris Martin and Michael Stipe did a beautiful version of "Losing My Religion"

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