Friday, December 21, 2012

X Factor Fail

I can not even believe that I wasted my time watching this show. What a disaster. 

Anyways, last night the X-Factor finally crowned his winner and well no surprise here but the typical country crooner took home the 5 million dollar prize. I believe my 13 year old phenom Carly Rose was completely robbed and deserved the crown due to her incredibly consistent voice and her technique. Impeccable.

Things that went through my mind during last nights finale:

-Will Britney Spears actually perform? Answer... No. Huge disappointment.
-Carly Rose obviously lost due to the dud of a duet she was forced to perform with LeAnn Rimes the night before.
-I get it the country dude loves his family. Did not need a 12 minute segment to tell me that.
-There was a girl group who came in third. They were fine. Nothing spectacular but fine.
-Simon Cowell's chest hair scares me.
-Chloe Kardashian kept changing her outfits
-Her and Mario Lopez could be the worst hosting team to ever exist
-Carly Rose's voice is ridiculous 
-Looks like L.A. Reed's time on the show has come to a close. Sorry to see him go, he is one I actually trust.
-I watched One Direction perform. Honestly I do not get it. The one kid has really great hair... besides that I really don't get it.
-Pitbull performed. I watched. I want those minutes back.
-Its finally over. Finally.

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