Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best Late Night Guests

I often use this blog to talk about my favorite late night guests. I love when celebrities don't take themselves too seriously, go on these shows and make a fool out of themselves. It makes them seem normal. Matt Wilstein over at HP put together the list of the Top 15 Late Night Guests of the Year. And I really couldn't make a better list if I tried. Bravo. (Not in any particular order)

 Amy Poeler - She let loose smoking and drinking on Leno.

 Aziz Ansari - He filled in for Michael Buble in Chicago and serenaded an audience member with Conan O'Brien. 

Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation is well represented on this list) - One of my favorites told Letterman that she was "extremely stoned right now" and recapped her epic Young Hollywood Award acceptance speech for Conan. 

Steve Martin - No surprise here. He is always a delight late at night. (Extra credit for rhyming?)

Rebel Wilson (my breakout star of the year) - She was a hit on Leno when she recreated her "Pitch Perfect" audition and sang 'Edge of Glory' to the delight of the crowd.

Nick Offerman - One of the best things that happened all year was when he would work in his wood shop while reading tweets from young female celebs on Conan. 

Tom Hanks - Again no surprise here. Always a surprisingly fun guest this year included him performing a slam poem about Full House on Fallon, reenacting his own version of Lincoln on Letterman and orchestrating a Saving Private Ryan reunion for Halloween on Colbert. 

Louis CK - This list says he was the best SNL host of the year (eeeh), but that was due to his classic Lincoln sketch. 

Letterman - The late night host was a gem when he appeared on rival Kimmel's show. Everyone hates Leno. Ha!

Tracy Morgan - My favorite moment was when he called Romney "Mitt Romney Escobar" this year.

Rashida Jones  - Love her! Fallon's Roots -backed songs are some of the best segments on late night tv and his holiday medley with Rashida Jones was the best thing since he did the History of Rap with Timberlake. 

Ricky Gervais - The night before the election he went on late night TV to try and get people to focus back on Romney being a mormon. That and you never really know what will come out of his mouth next.

Chris Christie - Lots of attention payed to this man this year. I personally don't like him or the way he does his politics, but his handling of Hurricane Sandy shined a new light to this Springsteen lover. Seriously the man is obsessed with Bruce.

Bill Murray - Murray + Letterman = Comedy Gold

Martin Short - He capped of his year by comparing Sarah Palin to Honey Boo Boo on Kimmel and did an epic Christmas medley on SNL. And by epic I mean aaaaammmaaazzzinnng!!!!

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