Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grimes "Oblivion"

It's official. I have fallen victim to Grimes (also known as Claire Boucher). I've been trying not to for the past year but she has finally wore me down and now I'm writing a post about her.

This song called "Oblivion" is topping many people's best of 2012 lists and well its been growing on me for quite a while. It was first released in October of 2011. I wasn't really quite sure what to make of the song when I first heard it. Its not my usual type of music but hey I tried to open myself up for it. The more and more I would hear it the more and more it would bloom into something I was enjoying.

Then she started showing up on late night TVshows. Crafting "Oblivion" into a song for the masses. The live version seemed tighter and the crowds at these shows started to increase as well. They all started to identify with the meaning of this song. The dark nights, threats of violence, difficulty finding love and companionship when you can't stay still. People left and right starting to post it everywhere.

The official video that followed found her cheerfully dancing and singing around a set of cartoonish masculinity. "Art gives me an outlet where I can be aggressive in a world where I usually can't be" she told Pitchfork last year.

Don't be surprised when you start reading these end of the year lists and Grimes is all over it.

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