Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back To Reality

Today has been a wonderful day. An amazing day. A patriotic day. Yet like all good things keeping perspective on reality is a must and well I just got hit with it like a ton of bricks.
All I want to do is celebrate, jump up and down and tell everyone I know about how proud I am of the way government has worked in this country.... yet you know what would take that. Breathing. You know what we take for granted... our breaths. And here is why.
I found out that my friend Alyssa or Little A as my amazing friend Amy calls her has been admitted back to the ICU with complications from Cystic Fibrosis. Alyssa is 13 years old and has struggled with this disease her entire life. She has been in and out of the hospitals, receives treatments daily yet the one thing if you ever met this little one is the inspiration she gives off with just her smile.
You may wonder why I have a ridiculous picture of me in skydiving glasses above. That is for Alyssa. My friend Amy (who used to work at CF) had this idea after seeing my own skydiving video about how wonderful it would be for Alyssa to be able to see the world the way that I did. Of course due to her condition this is not possible but she thought "we could buy goggles and pretend". This turned into "how many people can we get to wear the glasses in honor of Little A?" This is me at our local Cystic Fibrosis walk just a few weeks ago where I volunteered for the event to help raise money for a cure.
If you do not know about Cystic Fibrosis and how heartbreaking/horrible of a disease it is I suggest you educate yourself today.
So among all my happiness about what happened in our country today, my heart is still right down the road at VCU Medical Center with Alyssa wishing her a speedy recovery.
So go along your day, breathing in and out, in and out. But remember don't take it for granted. I know one day there will be a cure. I just hope it soon enough so that it can get to Little A and we all can take a skydiving trip together.

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