Monday, June 10, 2013

NPH For President

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another Monday. The weekend wasn't nearly as long as I hoped it would be... but I'm back here at work for another insanely busy week. Lets hope that I have some real time to get on here and catch you up on all you need to know.

Last night was the Tony Awards and they did an amazing job. It was fun to see some of the new shows, the performances and the people who won. Yet the best part of the evening was that Neil Patrick Harris was tapped to host. Now I don't know about you but I'm still wondering why Broadway hasn't done a one man show staring him yet. It is sure to be a hit. 

Just take a look at the opening and closing from last night. Both absolutely spectacular. I mean he even got Mike Tyson to get up to sing and dance. Yes that Mike Tyson. NPH you are my hero.


Closing (When Audra drops the mic at the end I about lost it):

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