Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Beauty in the Big C

This weekend I bid farewell to one of my favorite shows and characters to ever be on TV. I have talked about 'The Big C' on Showtime many times before on this blog and I finally got around to watching the last four episodes. I can barely eek out the words to explain to everyone how good this actual series is. Laura Linney deserves a lifetime of awards for her portrayal of Cathy Jamison. 

I got into a very poignant conversation with my mom while in NJ about the series and how I felt that its been the only one of its kind to tackle such a heavy subject not only with fantastic acting and humor but reality. I think that people, real people appreciate that about this character. 

Anyone who actually watched this show knew what the final scene would be. There would be no happy ending for Kathy, no ride off into the sunset with a cure for this awful disease. She died, eating one last piece of pie, after finally making it to her sons high school graduation. Her checklist was finally complete. She died finally knowing that she had lived her life to the fullest and most of all was loved.

For me I would have chose no better way. This show never sugar coated the illness she was battling. Every time you thought she was getting better she would get awful news, but it was the grace and dignity that Laura Linney played Cathy that will stay with me forever.

Its all about the love. The love you are able to not only give to others but to yourself.
That is life. 
Remember that.

I'm going to miss this show.

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