Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fade Like A Shadow

If I were a rock star I would like to think I would be like KT Tunstall. This girl is so super talented! Not only does she play all of her own instruments, she single handedly created a her own little niche in pop music. You see her music is not really radio friendly but somehow she has made it so listener friendly that people can't help fall in love with her talent. That and shes badass. 

Her latest album "Tiger Suit" was released last week to stellar reviews. If you haven't purchased your copy yet, I highly recommend it. 

The following song is what I believe to be the best song on the entire album. "Fade Like a Shadow" is exactly what your looking for out of a song. Its catchy, the lyrics are great, the melody is smooth it has a beat and well the lady at the forefront is again kicking ass and taking names. She is a rock star. 

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