Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taylor Swift You Have My Respect.

Okay I know I know. You are probably asking why I'm writing here about Taylor Swift. Yet as a lover of all things music I have to pause for a minute to give this girl props. Thats right this girl at the mere age of 16 broke out into the music scene and has not looked back. Now for most pop artists this isn't a huge feat but she is a little different. At the age of 14 she was signed to RCA records as their youngest songwriter. Ever. Thats right...she first got into the business writing her own songs! 


This morning I saw her as she took the stage on the Today show to promote the release of her third album. An album that is completely written by her, and only her. She was there signing autographs, taking pictures with fans with the energy like it was her first performance ever. 

This girl is now 20. She writes songs about what its like to be 20. She doesn't use auto tune. We do not read about her on tmz. She is somewhat normal. And to be one of the biggest acts in the world right now and to keep that head on your shoulders has got to be pretty tough. So today, I say BRAVO! I know if I had kids I would want them listening to her and not that Miley Cyrus. Just sayin....

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