Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh No... Willow Smith is Famous?

Okay, I get it will and Jada Smith. You are stars. Your talented. That does not mean that I should have to endure both of your kids in my life as well. First you send your son out to remake the Karate Kid a film that had no right to be remade. (Just shows how money and hollywood can get you just about anything... from what I hear you bought the rights to the film, produced it yourself when nobody else would sign on and basically just gave the role to your son... yay hollywood). Now your 9 year old daughter just released a music video for a song called "Whip My Hair". Really. She is 9. Go home. Teach these kids to be somewhat normal. Now I'm going to have to deal with their whole music career then trying to be in movies which all will ultimately end in rehab next to Justin Beiber. 

Let your kids be kids!!! 

And no I will not even post the video of the song here because it is TERRIBLE. 

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