Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More From KT Tunstall

I realized that one little post about this lady's new album is just not enough. And that could be because I am currently listening to the album while typing away at my desk, and I just can't get over the range of KT. She walks that fine line of having a really rough edge, but wide appeal.  She is unbelievable. No surprise, her music has been used oh such hits as "The Hills", "Ugly Betty", "Ghost Whisperer" "Greys Anatomy" and many many more. Her songs just connect to people. Whether its "Suddenly I See" from her last album that spoke about a woman coming into her own to "(Still A) Weirdo" from her latest album that speaks so truthfully about life and how its not always how we expect it to be. She really knows how to write about people. 

This latest tune "(Still A) Weirdo" is quickly bouncing to the top of my favorites from this new album. She talks how "I was going to be a treetop, a sea, a boat, a rock of ages" but somehow life has a way of making its own path for you. 

Trust me and just go get this album. You won't be disappointed. 

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