Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Glowbot Costume....Has Arrived!

Above you see the image of a Glowbot! This Halloween I will be attending the Phish concert in Atlantic City and well...this will be me. Only in pink. Thats right. I'm a glowbot for Halloween and well I've never really been so excited in my entire life. (scratch that I was a belly dancer for about 3 straight years.. the costume was amazing). 

But this year is going to be epic for a few reasons. First its my first Phish Halloween show (crossing yet another item off of my Phish bucket list). Secondly, I'm going with my four best friends in the entire world. Three, I'm going to dance my ass off! Why? Why you ask! Because when I look like the video below its going to be hard not to!

Glowbots Unite!

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