Monday, August 20, 2012

Ken Taylor Wins Again

As many people know I love me some Phish posters. I try and get them at most of the shows I go to, its a great way to remember where you have been and keep the memories alive even after the show is over. Over the weekend Phish did a historic stand at the Bill Graham Arena in San Francisco. Many know the place as the home of The Dead, they played numerous shows during their days there. 

So in honor of this, artist Ken Taylor was tasked in doing the posters. I have one of Ken's posters from the new years run and its amazing! I was looking forward to what he would do for this run. 

Well check it out below. They are pretty fantastic! It features a Sloth! 710 Ashbury (Jerry Garcia's old home) and the colors are fantastic. Great job Ken!

Also as a side note: I'm listening to last nights show right now and it is STELLAR. You all should drop what you are doing open your Phish App and listen now. Here is a quote I read about it in a review this morning:

"It was the type of evening -- an entirely mesmerizing and moving two-set concert filled with superb musicianship and incredible improvisation -- that made the undying devotion of the 'phans' seem quite logical. As the group moved through one blistering jam after another, and filled the set list with an equal number of surprises and expected treats, it not only became increasingly easy to understand why someone would follow Phish from city to city-- it also started to sound like a very good idea."

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