Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mumford & Sons Debut New Song

In an effort to save money this week I've decided not to go to the Mumford & Sons show tomorrow night in Portsmouth. I know. I wish I could do it but its just not going to happen. One day I'll be able to catch them live, I hope that its still in a small venue but with the debut of their second album coming those days may be over....

Here is "I Will Wait" off their new album Babel and I love it. I heard recently someone say that most of their songs are starting to sound the same. While I can't disagree too much I will say that at least their music is 90% better than some of the other crap playing on the radio today. (Did anyone else notice that boy bands are now back?) So if I have to hear these guys play versions of the same songs over and over again I'll take it any day! 

Enjoy this new one.

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