Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Picture of the Day

Mad respect today for Ms. Lolo Jones. A perfect example of how terrible the media is. They spent the months leading up to the Olympics featuring her everywhere you could see. She was probably the most famous name on the entire US Track Team. They make you feel as if she is definitely in to win gold after narrowly missing it in 2008. Remember she was the one who fell on the 2nd to last hurdle to see her Olympic dreams almost die. 

We get to the Olympics and find the announcers telling us the real story. She is good, but not as good as they built her up to be. They actually never expected her to make the Olympic team this year. She did. They said it would be a miracle to qualify for the finals of the event. She did. They said that there was no way she could ever compete for a medal. She came in 4th. Now they are saying how wrong it is that she took advantage of the advertisers and money before the Olympic games. That we have forgotten about the other athletes in her field. I'm sorry but aren't you the ones that built her up only to tear her back down again?

Its a shame how quickly everyone has turned on her. Last time I checked being the 4th fastest person in your field is a pretty darn good result. I never thought it was cause for mudslinging. 

So today LOLO this one is for you. 

You have made the USA proud. Keep that head high. 

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