Monday, February 18, 2013

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love

It's taken me a while to warm up to this duo but I think I finally have. You will have to ignore my previous post about him performing on Ellen because well I think that may have been a fluke or I just have to ignore his live performances and just stick to the music. Either way this next one is a good song. Now stop. All those people reading this thinking who the hell are these guys? You know that Thrift Shop song all over the radio right now... yeah thats them. Well I'm not going to talk more about that song I'm going to focus on another one that I just heard called "Same Love".

This song is amazing for so many different reasons. First the rapping is pretty tight on it and the sound is pretty great. Reminds me of the very early Eminem stuff. (And no its not just because they are both white....). But its a song with a message. A message about loving someone no matter what their personal preferences are especially about their sexuality. He talks all about gay marriage and the push to end the stigma. And well I have got to admit for a new artist to make a song like this one is pretty great to see. Have I mentioned how well done the video is too? Because it is.

You got my vote guys. You got my vote.

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