Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Trivia

Whoa. I just realized I am way behind posting these. My bad.

Q: Who said " I am an Italian-American and proud of it" and that the Catholic Church "completely frowns on sex....except for procreation"
A: Madonna

Q: How did Marvin Gaye Die?
A: His father shot him

Q: In 1990, while constructing the set for The Wall concert in Berlin, Roger Waters' road crew discovered what?
A: An unexploded WWII bomb

Q: In what year did Buddy Holly marry Maria Elena Santiago at his parents home in Lubbock, TX?
A: 1958

Q: In 1974, John Lennon made his last live appearance at MSG. At which music legends concert did Lennon make this appearance?
A: Elton John

Q: Elvis Presley performed his first live concert since March, 1961, opening a four-week engagement at Las Vegas' International Hotel in what year?
A: 1969

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