Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fistful of Mercy

On Monday night my main man Conan O'Brien made his triumphant return to late night t.v. and finally my late nights were saved. You see there is only so much of the Leno/Letterman combo that I could take before I just stopped watching all together. But now us young folk are saved by Mr. O'Brien. 

I don't know what it is that makes Conan so funny to me. Maybe its his lack of taking anything seriously. His immature jokes. His constantly bouncing around during the monologue. There is something about this man that keeps me tuning in every single night. 

So yeah I was a little excited for Conans return. Also with Conan's return is the return of some great musical guests. Conan a musician himself finds some of the greatest artists to come and play on his show and last night was no different. Fistful of Mercy is Ben Harpers new project, and well they are fantastic. 

I will admit that I haven't heard much of them (besides their name) before the performance last night but I was blown away. Until I have a video of last nights performance you will just have to do with this. 

I promise it won't be the last you hear from them.

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