Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michael Jacksons...NEW Album Cover

'Michael' by Michael Jackson

Yup. That is it. In all its glory. I post the image large so you can really see all that is going on here.

Its basically a painting by Kadir Nelson an it manages to squeeze in numerous iconic and memorable pictures of the "King of Pop". If you want the entire breakdown please visit this website HERE. NPR (as always) does a fantastic job breaking down all that you see...and some things you may have overlooked. 

Here are some highlights:

-It includes 16 images of Michael himself. Everything from BAD Michael to "We Are The World" Michael.

-The central image of Jackson is being crowned by two cherubs, one black, one white. A particular song comes to mind.

-Weekly World Something Or Other tabloid cover

-Bubbles fill the bottom left of the image. This seems like a nod to Jackson's pet chimp

Its a very interesting way to memorialize one of the greatest artists of all time... but hey to each their own. 

Now we just have to wait to hear the new music....

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