Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soundtrack to My Life

"Kid Cudi was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived in the diverse upper class suburb of Shaker Heights. Just prior to receiving his GED he attended Shaker Heights High School in Shaker Heights, Ohio and also Solon High School in Solon, Ohio. His career took off after he moved to Brooklyn to pursue his music, and when he released his first mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, in collaboration with New York street wear brand 10. Deep as a free download in 2008. The mixtape has had so much continued success that on May 18, 2009 10. Deep announced they were going to be doing a re-release of the “Up There” t-shirt and hard copies A Kid Named Cudi mixtape in their webstore on May 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST. Shortly after the shirt went up for sale the server crashed due to heavy traffic of fans wanting to buy the t-shirt and the mixtape. He also has collaborated with Kanye West in his groundbreaking album 808's and Heartbreak singing with him on the track "Welcome to Heartbreak".

This is about all I know about Kid Cudi. 

But I do know that the following song has been stuck in my head now for two months. Its the theme song to a new show that I'm watching called World of Jenks (which if you haven't seen yet I highly suggest). But this song is the theme and well its pretty great. And the more and more I listen to this "Kid" rap I love it. 

He seems to be one of the only rappers left who is actually rapping about real issues not about money and fame. 

I'm downloading his mix-tape now. We will see how this goes....

For now listen here. 

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