Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Censor Phish?

Don't know why I'm even giving this article publicity but damn its just ridiculous!!!

Go HERE (well not you Mom or Dad don't read this crap its just that...crap) Its everything that me and all my friends have been trying to prove year after year after year. But there will always be haters, haters who think... 

"When you consider how a child’s life can be ruined by such an obsession, it is vital we make every effort possible to stop The Phish. Demanding that the FCC censor their music is surely a wise first step, but we need to do more. We need to organize and protest. We need to pressure our local governments and concert halls to deny them access. In the end, we cannot knowingly allow the young people of this nation engage in a lifestyle that forces them to be shunned by their former friends, disowned by their families and hunted by the police. It is a disturbing future and all effort should be made to prevent this great nation from falling prey to The Phish’s notorious agenda."

For really just wrote that!!! hahahaha. 

I will give you one and only statistic you fool. At the recent show at Darien Lake there were two arrests during the Phish concert (non-violent acts may I add) at the Tim McGraw show just this past Saturday night there were 17! Including a few for aggravated assault, stealing, abuse. 

I'll stick with my crowd any day...thank you. And leave us alone!!!

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