Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paul McCartney - Two Weeks!

It is all starting to sink in. I'm going to see Paul McCartney in two weeks. Oh My God. 

I don't know what I'm most excited about... but I just read some of these reviews and well... I just can't take it.... its going to be so great!

"A Paul McCartney concert makes up for every bad show you’ve ever seen in your life. Seriously... The strange thing about seeing a Paul McCartney concert is, after three hours, you actually feel lighter, your feet hurt less — buoyed on by Paul’s constant smiles and some of the greatest music ever"--AMERICAN SONGWRITER

"You hear about all these things, but until you actually sit just a few yards away and witness McCartney in action for close to three hours, it's impossible to understand how they all conspire to make Sir Paul such an absolute whirlwind... What was really amazing was taking in the full scope of songs that have come out of this man... It was hard to believe that pop music was ever so good, that life was so good."--SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Of the 15,000-plus who attended this show, most, I'm assuming, will put it down as one of their favorite shows ever. It was one of those shows — certainly the year's best, certainly among the best ever at the Sprint Center and probably among anyone's shows of a lifetime. Expectations were high coming in; he exceeded them."--KANSAS CITY STAR

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