Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eminem "Space Bound"

When Eminem's latest album dropped a few months ago, I was one of its first fans. It finally got back to the Eminem that I had fallen in love with. The song that I instinctively liked the best was one of the first tracks called "Space Bound". I couldn't wait until it was dropped as a single, because I knew it would do well.

Well... it dropped. And the world took notice. Why? Well Eminem had to go and push the envelope and well the video is pretty damn graphic. It depicts him committing suicide at the end. Whoa. 

Now do I think he needed to do it to gain attention? No. But does it hammer the actual point home in the song. Yup. So as in the famous Pearl Jam video Jeremy. It was necessary to bring his art to life. 

Be warned people; be warned. 

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