Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Phish Merriweather

A few weeks ago I hit the road en route to yet another Phish concert (no I will never ever get tired of doing this... sorry). This time I made the trek back up to Merriweather and brought along some great friends. 

This is what makes the Phish experience so great. The fact that I have countless numbers of friends who would at any moment pack up their things and head to a show. We were lucky that weekend, we had great weather, two great shows, two great party bus crews, a good venue, some great music and well.. my favorite part of the entire weekend?

Was staying for the show I wasn't supposed to stay for on Sunday. Sneaking down into the pavilion seats and grabbing this video at the end of the second set. The new light rig that they have is quite a sight to be seen....

**Now unless a ride comes through at the last minute looks like I'm missing Super Ball this weekend... boooooo! But I promise I'll see them again soon (maybe a trip to cali for the Hollywood Bowl?...perhaps)**

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