Monday, October 24, 2011

Tonights Special: The Bridge School Concert

I promise you a great post this evening. You will have to wait for it, but I promise it was worth it.

Over the weekend, Neil Young threw his 25th anniversary "The Bridge School Benefit" out in San Francisco. A yearly benefit concert where countless numbers of musicians come out to show their support for Neil and the school. 

Over the weekend they celebrated 25 years of fantastic music memories. Ones that include seeing R.E.M. and Phish hit the stage in 1998 or Tony Bennett and Paul McCartney in 2004. Last year it reunited Buffalo Springfield, and this year it included newbies like Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons. All and all its an event you can tell that the artists want to be a part of it as much as the 22,000 in attendance want to see them.

So tonight you get the performances. Sorry I don't have time at the moment... but its worth the wait.

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