Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Song of the Day: Even If I Don't

Found a new artist today, her name is Rachael Yamagata and I'm quickly falling in love with her entire album. Yet there is one song that I have played at least three times already. "Even If I Don't" is the story of a love that just doesn't work. And well dont' we all know that story....

The video is pretty amazing too it shows the relationship between a tiger and a bunny.... and well just watch where it ends. 

Here are some of the great lyrics:
I miss you most in the morning; most every morning
I wake up thinking; I could call
I could come visit; I could come running
We could relive it

But when I think of all that we've been through
going back to you
Seems like such a foolish thing to do
I hope you know; that even if I don't 
I wanted to

All those words; you said at the ending
were pretty reveling; and I can't forget them
All those ways; we missed at connecting
Despite all our trying; it always came back to
What I couldn't give you...."

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