Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good News Wednesday!

Yesterday was the best day ever. I got really good news at work. I got really good news on a personal level. I want every day to be "Good News Wednesday". 

Yesterday after posting the post below this one. I went to check my email... and BAM. I actually hit the Phish lottery. This may not seem like a lot to most... but I haven't hit it in 8 years! And I play all the damn time. And well... what an event to hit! I landed four tickets to the 30th and the 31st for Madison Square Garden. 

Which means that picture above will be repeated this year on new years eve with four of my best friends. 

Wow. Still in shock. 

This makes Saturdays battle with Ticketmaster much more manageable. 

Yay for good news Wednesdays! 

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