Monday, June 11, 2012

Couch Tour Upgrade!

Hello and welcome back to yet another week. Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend and stayed out of the heat down here in Richmond, from what I hear it was a scorcher. 

I spent my weekend running around my old stomping grounds up in New Jersey. Numerous people to see, many fun things to do. It was a great trip, but like many of my trips up north it was entirely too short. 

While up there my Dad and Step-Mom decided to give me my birthday present early... yay for a new Ipad. I have no idea how it works, but I'm sure after a few days of playing with it I'll have it up like a pro. 

Last night I did its first test and watched the Phish live stream from Bonnaroo on it. (Yes it makes dancing around your living room so much easier). This upgrade for my couch tour is much welcomed. 

Also on the ride home yesterday I had a chance to listen to the June 7th Worchester show and it was pretty amazing. Especially the following Boogie On jam. Worth the listen! Only a week or so until I am back seeing them live. Yay.

Again, Happy Monday!

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