Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drake Beat Up Chris Brown

What goes around comes around. That is what people say, and that is what happened last night at a NYC Club where both Drake and Chris Brown were partying. Allegedly what had happened was..... Drake famously dated Rihanna right after she broke up with Chris Brown after he beat the living shit out of her. Fast foward to last night. Both the artists find themselves partying with their entourages at a club. From what I hear, Chris Brown sent a bottle over to Drake's table, which Drake did not appreciate too much (remember they hate each other). Drake approached the table and ended up popping Chris Brown in the face a few times before security tried to break them up. From there all hell broke loose and bottles were flying, tables were flipped and a scene was made. 

I only report this to you because I find it hilarious that Chris got knocked in the face. He even took to twitter to post a picture of what happened.

HAHA. Karma buddy.

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