Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I Missed

Things I missed while I was off enjoying the antics of the above band....

-Katy Perry is set to start her own record label. After the killing she probably gave her old label with this last record I wonder what took her so long... good move girl.

-Lily Allen is getting back into the studio to record a new album. Hopefully she stays focused and puts out the quality music she is known for. 

-There was some ridiculous Justin Beiber documentary that aired on NBC last night. I guess it crashed peoples tvs. I don't get it.

-Tom Cruise's Rock of Ages.... bombed! Terribly. Can't say I didn't call it. 

-Two bands I thought were done for good are back. Offspring and Everclear. Lets see how they do.

-Jim Carrey dropped from the Dumb and Dumber sequel officially breaking my heart.

Thats enough for now. Carry on.

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