Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Phan Story of the Day

True story from the road: 

"So Im driving through the south side of pittsburgh on saturday before the show, 3 blocks from my house and leaning against the window of a tanning salon, is Cactus himself. Needless to say I pulled over and had a quick chat with him, pretty cool stuff. We grabbed some grub and drove past him again like ten minutes later, so we slow down and say hi one more time. Here is where it gets good... Gordo tells us that his bus dropped him off at a vegetarian restaurant (zenith on 25th in the south side for any pittsburghers, pretty dank) and proceeded to get stuck on one of the crazy narrow roads in the south side slopes. We said (half kidding) ok well drive you down to the venue man and hes like um... that would be great. So we ended up driving him to Star Lake before the show. Mike Gordon. In my car. f***ing titties!

If this wasn't cool enough already, he even left his sunglasses in my backseat. Hugo Boss, pretty baller Mike

I shit you not...

AMAZING. I probably would have lost my marbles if Mike Gordon was in the backseat of my car.

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