Thursday, April 18, 2013

Christian Covers

My good friend of many many years Christian Maurice is a talented man. I met him about 10 years ago at a Phish show in Greensboro, NC and we have never looked back. He is by far one of my favorite people to go to a show with and since he lives so far away I always cherish the times we are able to do so. (Hey Christian this is a shout to get your ass to Denver in August). Anyways, like I said Christian is a talented artist. He is an actor/singer/musician all around awesome dude and is now posting song covers on his facebook page. This takes some guts to do so and well he sounds a billion times better than if I were to try so I'm going to feature some of his covers today.

I'm also loving the Phish posters he has up in the background of his apartment.... some look very familiar :)



"Night Nurse"

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