Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet Gin Wigmore

Meet Gin Wigmore. I did yesterday on the Ellen show and I was absolutely blown away by her talent and thought "yup, this girl is going to be huge". So I better get on this before the rest of the world catches up with her talent. Trust me once you hear her music you will not forget her name.

When researching her I read this quote "Gin's songwriting seems to subtly embrace so many different musical forms and lyrically, there's often a maturity and depth that you wouldn't normally associate with someone so young. There's profound connection between her and all the great, soulful singers who've come before her and she adds a new chapter to that story"

She is from New Zealand. At the age of 16 she won the US based International Singer-Songwriter competition with a ballad called "Hallelujah" written for her father who recently lost his fight with cancer. She was the youngest to ever win the competition and the only on in its history to win without being signed. 

From there her career has just taken off. She released her debut album called "Holy Smoke" in 2009 and followed it with "Gravel and Wine" in 2011. Her song "Man Like That" was used in the Bond film in 2012.

Yesterday she performed "Black Sheep" on Ellen and I fell in love instantly. Remember this name people.

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