Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello and welcome to another Tuesday on the blog. Sorry I didn't get on here yesterday, it was just a weird day and I didn't have the chance to get on here and chat. My bad, I'll try and make up for it today.

Here are a few things to catch you up on quickly in the world of country music. (Wait what!?!)

-The Academy of Country Music Awards were on Sunday night. Do yourself a favor and look up some of the fashion on the red carpet. There were some good ones.... Also who is Luke Bryan? He won entertainer of the year yet I have never heard of him at all...oh well.

-Kelly Clarkson said that Blake Shelton will be officiating her wedding this summer. Considering she is marrying Reba's manager that wedding will sure be pure country. 

-One last thing about country music and then I promise you I will stop. Brad Paisley has released a very questionable new country-rap song with LL Cool J called... wait for it.... "Accidental Racist". In the song the country singer tries to explain his affinity for Confderate flag apparel to a black man, claiming he is no racist and he wants to put America's brutal past behind him. This is a true story, his album drops today.

Yeah I think thats a good place to stop with country music right now.

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