Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today = Friday

Well well well.... Welcome to my Friday. Today is technically my last day of work for the week hence why I'm calling it my Friday. I'm pretty excited about the course of events for the rest of this day and then the entire weekend. Today I have a pretty simple day at work, a few meetings, a few emails, nothing too crazy then I get to leave this afternoon and tonight is the NFL draft. We will see what kind of moves the Jets make with their two first round picks (should be interesting to say the least). Then tomorrow it is off to a quick trip to NJ for some family visits and a little UFC event. No biggie.

While we are on the subjects of sports I played my first softball game in about 15 years last night and I'm happy to report that I kind of still got game. I was pretty happy with my performance and am looking forward to next week already.

The final note to get this day started is this is an actual picture of Justin Bieber taken yesterday not only wearing a mask but topping it off with a fedora. Really? 

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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