Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun Facts about Queen

I love Queen. I do. Can't help myself. So here are some fun facts about that band!

-Their 1985 Live Aid Performance is regarded as one of the best live rock performances of all time.
-The name of the band was not for its regal sound, or anything to do with homosexuality. It was all Freddie's idea that the name be Queen after his grandmothers pet dog "Queenie". 
-Queen's original name was King, but Freddie Mercury altered it for fear it sounded 'too camp'. 
-Jimmy Page was a session musician for the album A Day As A Racist. This lead to rumours that he played guitar on every album Queen produced and that Brian May couldn't actually play at all. 
-On every album, there is at least 10 minutes of total silence, to build up tension, except A Day As A Racist, which contains a 20 minute guitar solo featuring only 3 chords. 
-Queen played their first gig in the basement of Roger's parent's house, to an audience of stuffed animals.
-When not recording, writing, touring or just hanging out, the remaining members of Queen take care of their herd of wild water buffalo and attend honorary university ceremonies.
-Freddie died the day after he finally announced to the world that he in fact had AIDS.
-The song "Who Wants to Live Forever" was inspired by watching the movie Highlander. The members were actually so taken with the movie, they started to write lyrics on the way home from the theater. 
-Lady Gaga took her name from their famous song "Radio Gaga"
-In January of 1985 they played to a crowd of over 180,000 in Brazil.
-The Queen logo was designed by Freddie
-Bohemian Rhapsody was their first Top 10 Hit in the US.

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