Monday, March 19, 2012

More Randoms!!

This is actually turning out to be quite the interesting day. Twitter just exploded with the news that Peyton Manning is going to join the Denver Broncos. While I'm really glad he didn't land in Miami, I still yet to understand this decision. With teams like the 49ers interested, why choose Denver? We will see how this plays out. 

Anyways back to the important things... random facts! What a fun way to pass the day along, I can't believe its almost 2pm! Yay only about five more hours... :)

Here are some more facts:

-To win a gold disc, an album needs to sell 100,000 copies in Britain, and 500,000 in the United States.
-Elvis favorite collectibles were official badges. He collected police badges in almost every city he performed in.

-Before they were known as Journey, Steve Perry called his band Golden Gate Rhythm Section.
The Beatles holds the top spot of album sales in the US (106 million), followed by Garth Brooks second (92 million), Led Zeppelin (83 million), Elvis Presley (77 million), and the Eagles (65 million). Worldwide The Beatles sold more than 1 billion records.

-Johnny Cash was given the name “J.R.” because his parents could not agree on a name, only on initials. When he enlisted in the United States Air Force, the military would not accept initials as his name, so he adopted John R. Cash as his legal name. In 1955, when signing with Sun Records, he took Johnny Cash as his stage name. 

-In 1976 American singer and songwriter Barry Manilow released a chart-topping song titled “I Write the Songs.” Ironically, he didn’t write the song himself. 

-James Brown had 99 Hot 100 Billboard entries, yet never had a number one Hot 100 hit. 

-The rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd took their name from a high school teacher named Leonard Skinner who had suspended several students for having long hair. 

-The horse’s name in the song Jingle Bells is Bobtail. 

-John Lennon named his band the Beatles after Buddy Holly’s ‘Crickets.’ 

-The Japanese national anthem is expressed in only four lines. The Greek anthem runs 158 verses. 

-The most recorded song of all time – with more than 2,000 versions – is ‘Yesterday’. Included on the ‘Help!’ soundtrack, it was number one for four weeks in 1965.

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