Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LCD Documentary Brings Out the Fans at SXSW

A few months ago I wrote a blog article you can read HERE. It was about the documentary for the LCD Soundsystems last concert at Madison Square Garden last year. Also wrote about that one HERE. Anyways, it looks like the documentary aired the other night at the SXSW festival to a very rowdy crowd. Wish I could have been in attendance. Read the review from Rolling Stone below.

Some audience members literally couldn't sit still for the duration of the screening and took to the aisles during the live numbers. It was hard to fault them, what with the fantastic, chair-shaking sound installed in the venue. Twice, the audience burst into applause after songs. It's impossible to watch Shut Up And Play The Hits without being eager to see the upcoming full concert video, which, if there's any way to do it, should be screened in IMAX venues where the seats have been replaced with a dance floor."

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