Thursday, March 1, 2012

Two Recommendations Today

Here are two very awesome videos that I was pointed towards the other night by my music loving boyfriend. (man that makes things easier... I can't imagine dating anyone who doesn't share some sort of love of music)

Anyways the first is from another very good singer/songwriter named Eric Hutchinson and the song is "Watching You Watch Him" and its pretty fantastic. If you haven't heard of Eric before go get on youtube and listen to some of his songs, they are all pretty unique and genuine. The best part? Tie between it looking so easy and the lyrics. A tie of my favorite qualities. 

"I love you from the bottom of my heart
And that's not gonna change, but things are grim
When I'm watching you watch him
I give you the best... to give
But I'm not feeling brave
Chances are slim 
When I'm watching you watch him"

Okay that was the first video here is a second equal or even better one. Its Linkin Park covering Adele. Wait What? Yes, I said it. Linkin Park the band that hit it really big when I was coming out of high school has done one of the best covers of "Rolling in the Deep" that I have heard (and I've heard a lot). Chesters voice is just perfect for the song and they really do it justice. Bravo. Not what I expected, but seriously good stuff. 

Hope everyones Thursday is off to a great start. Its supposed to be 75 degrees here in Richmond today. How I'm going to get anything done is still being debated.

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