Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Jets...

I am super excited for football season. I love having something to watch every Sunday afternoon. I was even going to buy Sunday ticket so I could watch every single Jets game this season. But with our moves (or lack of) this off season my outlook for my team this year is not looking too great. Why? 

-Jets ownership has created a QB controversy trading for Tebow
-Revis could be faking injuries right now to get more money
-Santonio Holmes is already thrashing our new O-Line coach
-We used our first round pick on a guy with a bunch of charachter issues and problems
-Oh and Rex Ryan still has yet to learn his lesson and be quiet. 

So while I'm excited for the season, my expectations are low.

Also Jets nation who thinks this whole Tebow thing is a good idea. This was the official picture released from our first day of training camp. Where is the picture of our actual starting QB. Also this is due to the fact that I saw a 7 minute intervew with Hannah Storm this morning with none other then Tebow! What other back up gets this type of attention? Not good guys not good.

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