Friday, July 20, 2012

Sad Day

Okay here goes nothing. I'm getting ready to hit the road for yet another weekend in New Jersey but before I go I'm going to sound off on something. I woke up to the news this morning about the absolutely terrible shooting in a movie theater in Colorado. At least 12 are dead and over 40 are injured in what is only described as a senseless shooting. 

I'm not going to go off on gun control, or how I think we have a major problem with guns in this country. Instead I will focus on what actually happened and how scary of a world we live in.

I can not imagine sitting in a theater enjoying a movie and having something like this happen. Where has society gone wrong where people get ideas like this in their heads? Its sick. I'm incredibly sad about this tragedy this morning. I can't stop reading about it and reading into some of the lives of the victims. Most were young, energetic and with their whole lives in front of them. Now because of the actions of some idiotic 24 year old they will not have a chance to live out these lives. 

The whole scene keeps playing in a loop in my head. It won't stop. 

Again, what type of world are we living in?

Problems that were not even imagine 15 years ago are now real. 

People are now weary to be in a mall, in a cafeteria in their high school, in a classroom at their college, and now a movie theater. Its unimaginable. I can not believe I live in this world. 

I know over the next few days we will be hearing more and more details about this shooter but in all reality. I don't want to. I don't want to hear how he grew up. How at the age of 24 he was so jaded that he took these peoples lives. Lets focus on the victims. Lets send prayers out to their families. Lets think about the positivity we can bring into this world rather than to focus on the negatives. 

Today I am driving to NJ to hang out with some of my family and for a good friends wedding. Last night I was not excited about this trip. I really did not want to go. Yet now I can not think of a better place to be tonight. I will hug my parents. Tell my friends how much I love and that they mean to me. And will continue not to waste another day....

Because with this crazy world. You really never know. 

Again my prayers are with the victims and their families during this senseless time. 

This has been playing on repeat all morning. 

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