Monday, July 30, 2012

Opening Ceremony Music

Okay this should be it for my Olympic coverage for today. (Note I say today... you will hear more over the next two weeks).

Here is my recap of the good the bad and the ugly of the London Olympic Opening Ceremony music. 

Now I will first say this. I expected a lot out of the music for London's games. I mean think about it, in the history of music some of the best acts come from England. Some of the worlds greatest stars made their start there so I expected some good representation when they took the world stage Friday night. 

I would give them a solid B. Nothing too spectacular, nothing too terrible. 

What went right:
- Ode to David Bowie. Great Britan couldn't have picked a better song to come out to during their parade of Olympians than Bowie's "Heroes". Great job.
-Paul McCartney brings it home. Who doesn't love a sing a long to end the opening?
-Drumming during the industrial revolution scene. I thought all of the music during that fit perfectly into the the theme bravo.
-Surprise songs: Didn't expect to hear Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen" that was cool. As was the Clash's "London Calling" (which we will hear 1,000 times over the next two weeks), and the Special's "A Message to You" was a treat. 
-Not a huge fan but it was nice to see Danny Boyle (the director of the whole thing) try and include MIA, New Order and Prodigy in the mix. 
- Floyd Fireworks. Don't have to say anything else...
-Tribute to the late Amy Winehouse
-I heard that there was a bell display around the city. That all the church bells all got together and played the same song at the same time to open the games. I missed it but I bet it was cool.

Now on to the things that could have been done better...

-I'm a fan of the Arctic Monkeys. Yet, I would have preferred if they played their own song and did not cover a Beatles tune during their time on the stage. Especially when an actual Beatle was in the arena. 
-I loved that they tried their best to pair music with the countries walking in. But some of it was a little odd. Bee Gees with the athletes from Fiji? That is a joke waiting to happen. China with the Pet Shop Boys? Poland with Fleetwood Mac? U2 with Trinidad and Tunisia and Turkey, oh what about the bad timed "Where The Streets Have No Name" while Syria made its entrance. Whoops. 
-And finally while I thought they did stretch out to include a lot of great British artists I couldn't help to think who was missing. No Rod Steward, Def Leppard, The Cure, George Michael, The Smiths, Black Sabbath, OASIS, Dusty Springfield, Elton John, The Police, Depeche Mode? Where were these???

Overall they did a good job with the music. And still have the closing ceremonies to make up for some of these acts being left out. 

And finally here is the video of my favorite part. The fireworks with Pink Floyd's 'Eclipse' playing in the background. Couldn't have picked a better song myself. (Sorry that the commentators are briefly in another language, its the only video I could find at the moment).

"Eclipse" (Pink Floyd) no acendimento da Pira OlĂ­mpica from Bloco do Pink Floyd on Vimeo.

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