Friday, May 24, 2013

Heads California, Tails Carolina

Okay everyone brace yourselves I'm about to talk country music. *Gasp* I know. As I have been recently been explained I don't think that I ever got a proper introduction to this genre. This is not surprising coming from NJ but as a lover of all music I can't not give credit where credit is due. So here I am giving country music a chance... I'm starting off with a song that was covered on The Voice this week. 

Remember the name Danielle Bradbery because I'm pretty sure regardless of the outcome of this competition she will have music executives knocking down her door. She is a self taught country singer who learned how to sing along side her radio at the age of 12. She now is only 16. Yes that is 4 short years and she is incredible. Now for the song, "Heads California, Tails Carolina" was originally a JD Messina song and it is perfect for her voice. I absolutely love it and haven't gotten it out of my head all week. 

Take a peek. I did and its changing my perspective on all things country. 
(And don't you worry Dad I will not be wearing a cowboy hat and moving to Nashville anytime soon)

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