Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello Again...

Hello and sorry for my absence yesterday. Work was insanely busy and I just didn't get the chance to get on here. I'm not going to lie and tell you that things are smooth sailing today but its more managable so I'm at least able to get on here and tell you the big things. Like oh yeah one of my favorites Fleetwood Mac released a new EP yesterday.

It was the return of a band that we haven't heard much of over the last 10 years. The albums called "Extended Play" is available now exclusively on Itunes and while I have yet to get over there and give it a listen I know it contains new songs like "Sad Angel" "It Takes Time" and "Miss Fantasy" all written by Lindsey Buckingham. Stevie Nicks wrote the song "Without You" and as a whole the album is getting some good praise.

As many know they are right now on a US tour that is hitting some very major cities (Just no where close to me in Virginia... Boo.)

So yeah there is that. Hopefully I'll find some more to put on here today soon. 

Have a great day.

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