Monday, May 20, 2013

No Place Like The Office

"I wish there was a way you know you were in the good ole days before you actually leave them"

One of my favorite shows The Office wrapped up their 9 season series on Thursday night with what I feel like was a great goodbye. I'm not going to sit here and say this show did not struggle the last few seasons but they did a fantastic job these last few episodes giving the send off the show deserved. (I will still say that season 2 of this show is one of the best comedy seasons in history). 

They gave each character their due and there was even a surprise appearance from Mr. Steve Carrel. I even screamed "Michael!" when he returned; they did a great job fooling us that he wasn't coming back. I watched every single episode of every single season and feel good about saying goodbye to it now. It was also fitting that my little brother was there watching with me on Thursday night since the two of us used to watch the show together all the time or call each other after an episode would air to laugh at the ridiculousness of what just happened. 

I understand that this show was a love it or leave it show. There weren't any in-between fans. But to me it perfectly summed up what it is working in an office with a bunch of ordinary ridiculous people or working for a terrible boss who thinks they are the best. We have all been there. Also finally how can I forget the Jim and Pam storyline. Maybe one of my favorite tv love stories of all time...

So goodbye Office. I will miss our weekly dates on Thursday night but I will take with me Pam's advice.

"Be strong. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Conquer your fears. Just go after what you want. And act fast. Because life just isn't that long."

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