Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh The Voice

I have mentioned on here a few times how much a fan of NBC's show "The Voice" especially their audition rounds. Yet something happens when the show goes into its "Live Shows" that makes me literally fall asleep (I fell asleep during it last night on my couch). I don't know if its the coaches influence on these poor people or the poor choices that goes into the song selection and performances but last night was bad. Even my favorites only had okay performances. The show and contestants better step their game up or they will lose me again during this round. 

Here are the two highlights from last night. Sarah Simmons singing one of my favorite songs "The Story" (still think the Grey's Anatomy version is better but this was very good) and my girl Judith Hill sitting behind a piano and singing "You've Got A Friend". Congrats you two. 

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