Monday, May 20, 2013

Poor Toots

On Saturday night my friends and I went to Richmonds annual Riverrock festival where we were treated to a great performance by Toots and the Maytals on Saturday night. Unfortunately the show ended in a tragic situation. Now let me say this first, I've been to well over 100 concerts and I have never in my day seen this kind of thing happen.

There we were dancing and singing along to the Reggae legend, we even stayed through the rain and the crowd of about 6-7,000 were having a blast. All of a sudden around 10:15 I see Toots grab his head throw down the microphone and run off stage. What followed was crazy. A cop jumped from the stage and tackled someone in the crowd. 

Reports are surfacing that it was a 19 year old drunk teenage who threw a stolen liquor bottle from the event at the stage and hit Toots in the head. He was rushed to the hospital. The guitarist came out and chastised the kid and apologized that they had to end the show abruptly but Toots was their main concern.

Now as a Richmonder I am embarrassed. We are finally getting some really great acts to these festivals and what do we do? Repay them like this? How awful. I'm embarrassed for our city and feel terrible for the organizers of this event who really put on a fantastic event by the river. 

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